Financial Advisory Service

GUARANTEED 100 points cumulative on the NIFTY Futures and/or Options in a span of 3 trading months*

If the exercise is unsuccessful, the advisory fee is refunded.

REFUND is ONLY for those clients who have paid the fees for three months consecutively and have not made 100 points.

  • The product is focussed ONLY on trading the NIFTY Futures & Options.
  • The trading calls are sent via SMS indicating the entry, target and stop loss levels.
  • During the course of a trade, if a target or stop loss level changes, follow up text messages will be sent.
  • The overall efficiency of the model will be assessed once in 3 months, ideally after the third month Futures & Options expiry from the commencement of this service.
Call: +91 83370 88888

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