Advisory Service – NIFTY FUTURES

This service specialises in providing trading advice EXCLUSIVELY for the NIFTY Index.

The cost of this service comes at a nominal monthly fee of Rs 2500/- which is payable in advance.

Upon receiving the fee, a confirmation is sent out to the client via SMS/ Email and their mobile number is added to the NIFTY advisory database.

All trades are sent via SMS/Whatsapp with an entry price, target price and stop loss level. During the course of the trade, if the target or stop loss levels change, follow up messages are sent.

The endeavour is to make AT LEAST 100 points in a span of THREE trading months.

If the client is unable to make a total of 100 NIFTY points AFTER three months, the advisory fee is refunded (Rs 2500 x 3 months = Rs 7500/-).

Please note that the client MUST pay for three consecutive months in order to benefit the complete refund at the end of the third month.

Illustration of the financial model:

1 lot of Nifty Futures comprises of 75 units.

The margin required by NSE for 1 lot of Nifty Futures is about 10% of the contract value: if we consider the present value of Nifty to be 10,000 then the margin required to be placed with the broker/stock exchange would be 10% of Rs 7,50,000 (10,000 x 75 qty) = Rs 75,000.

A cumulative of 100 points in three months would work out to a profit of 100 x 75 units = Rs 7500, which is 10% return on capital.

If the model is consistent, we are looking at a per annum return of 10% x 4 quarters = 40%.