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Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX)

Manish Hathiramani has been a consultant for the Sensex product here at DGCX, for the past 18
months. He has been a pleasure to work with, providing a very powerful and influential inputs and
building his profile among the regional key media at this young age, is an important achievement,
especially with the large number of analysts and economists in this area. Manish's inputs,
communication and skills are excellent, and has some very innovative ideas.

An 'Insider' into Analytical Trading

Manish Hathiramani

All of 29 years and Manish Hathiramani is one of the youngest and most visible commentators on Indian business television. He is a Proprietary Trader and Technical Analyst at Deen Dayal Investments, a trading and investment services firm. Starting early in his teens, Manish often baffled his immediate family with his interest and understanding of esoteric topics like "equity derivatives" and "index futures".